Pretty happy with that. An extra-curricular 5km hot on the heels of yesterday's. Went out because I really fancied it and despite a load of wind and snow nearly managed to crack the 5 min / kilometer barrier. Nearly

Love running by the Tay even if the weather can be challenging. On the way out it meant a load of wincing to keep snowflake to eyeball pinging at a minimum but the return leg was a lot nicer. Cold but bright and fresh. Before and after below :)

All good and looking forward to a less windy day to see if I've a bit more pace.

Still haven't sorted a proper running plan out but finishing off the week with a couple of long, slow 10km-ers is probably the right way to go. If I drive in early tomorrow I can run along the Tay in Dundee and maybe catch a flinglish at the Mal Maison after.

I have an at home day today. Charlie got some horrid vomiting bug. He's all fine now but we need at least a full day without a hint of vom before sending him back into school. Suzie took care of him yesterday and it's my turn today. Might try and get to the gym this evening and start up with strength training again. Not going to have my bike for a bit so I need something else to justify eating loads.