A little bit late to the party but I hooked up an XBOX ONE at home this weekend. It's pretty good! I really like the voice interface, it's incredibly spooky selecting, playing, pausing and watching Netflix by barking out commands. And it seems to have an anti griefing feature: my boy cottoned on pretty quickly and tried telling it "XBOX WEAR MUMMY'S BRA". It didn't wear mummy's bra. Or pause, or stop of go home or do anything the boy asked it to do. Phew!

No gamez though. No ones I like anyway. Had a quick blast on Killer Instinct. Beautifully made but not really my type of thing. But I am looking forward to Titanfall. Had some enormously good times playing Call Of Duty 4 a few years back and it'd be nice to return to team based blasting with the added bonus of some Crackdown-esque agility. And mechs of course. Great big filthy mechs. Everyone loves those yeah?