Welcome To The Kingdom Of Fife

Welcome To The Kingdom Of Fife


Yeah! Early morning run in an exceptionally pretty Scottish forest just south of the Tay. A little nippy but mostly a beautiful day and managed to put in 5km sans headphones just listening to nature get off to an early morning start.

It was good, seems a medium effort 5km currently equates to 5:17 m/km and I'm pretty happy with that progression. Especially on the back of yesterday's 12km.

I've not done any off road running before and though the path was a bit bumpier than what I'm usually used to it could hardly be termed trail running. Even so it was a nice change and if I got a bit more confidence up there's always some bumpier terrain to have a go at.

But a great way to start the day. I'm currently trying out the Headspace Take 10 free introduction to guided meditation and worked through one the episodes just before running. Felt good. And now I'm typing this in the David Lloyds post a fairly nice cooked breakfast. It can only go downhill from here :)