Weekly Round Up: Stuff I Have Liked

Hey! It's easy to moan on about things that didn't happen or you weren't keen on but here's some stuff I actually liked.

Lastpass Great multi platform password manager. Spent quite a bit of time and effort trying to get the relatively expensive 1Password working well for me. No dice: No Linux client and frequent corruptions sharing the password database via Dropbox. So far Lastpass does everything I need on all machines I use, is easier to use and free. What could be wrong with that? I'll probably find out in the next few months :D

No cursors in Vim Took the plunge and disable cursors keys in favour of the HJKL home key cluster. I'd be lying if I said it hasn't been tricky but has turned text editing into a fun puzzle game :D

Being recognised as Charlie's dad This was ace :) Had to go to the gym to renew my membership and after just getting through the door someone asked me if I was Charlie's dad because I "looked a lot like him" :D Sure that should be the other way round but was a great moment.

Lift Used this before, based on Seinfeld's don't break the chain productivity strategy and it's being really useful. Great mobile and web app.

WebGL Demo This is lovely and a good indication of the way the wind is blowing in web development.

Signed a Contract Can't talk about it but a definite highlight :D Very happy. One more to go

Tabularize Vim plug in for aligning text. Makes building tables in Markdown a lot easier. Nicely designed and well thought out

Practical VIM and vimcasts.org Here and also here. Both made by Drew Neil and a great source of hints, tips and Vimspiration :)

New Keyboard A bit sad how happy this has made me. It's very clicky and I love it :D