Week Three Done - Nipples

Currently into week three of Mike Deibler Running For Fat Loss (RF4L) training plan. 5 weeks to go and I think I'm going well.

Here's the summary:

  • Pretty much back into running - 32km last week
  • Pace is slowly creeping back up
  • Enjoying the long slow runs to help my form along
  • Riding and running feel balanced
  • Losing some fat! Slimmer round the stomach and some weight shed
  • Behind my goals though!

Goals 2013-05-08

Not as far ahead as I'd hoped to be honest. Need to pull my socks up

  • 53% time passed
  • 42% of running distance complete
  • 40% of cycling distance complete


It's only natural that your most recent experience are likely to contribute the most to your general feeling about something. Today's run felt, to be truly honest, a bit shit and left me with an overarching feeling that things aren't going brilliantly. I don't know, it was 10km longish run at 70% effort. It just felt really slow and grindy all in all and made me wonder if I'm on the right path here.

And that's why the numbers are so important I geese. Compared to last Weds 10km, a run I really enjoyed and my pace has improved despite running at the same effort level. Not by much, from 5:51 min/km to 5:42 min/km and today I'd already cycled 45km in the morning.

That's made me feel a bit better. the pattern I'm finding is a great click into good form near the end of the 10k runs where it feels just great and my speed goes up. I just need to be running like that when I start of :D

Maybe I'm getting a bit of fatigue, 32km of running week which is a big-ish step up and it included 3 days back to back. The shorter jaunts were a bit more intensive than last week made up of intervals and for the first time Fartleks.

Ah Fartleks. These were punishing but in all honesty I did enjoy them. It's simple stuff, just run for as fast as you can until completely knackered and then slow to a gentle recovery jog. Rinse and repeat. I put my heart into it and after each quick stretch was thinking "Fuck this for a game of soldiers, I'm not doing that again" but a short way into the recovery run you're think "Maybe one more". It left me shattered but yeah, I'm looking forward to a few more of these.

Only a few minor niggle this week. Niggle number one: nipples. They're stinging like bastards after the longer jaunts. I've had this before and a bit of vaseline on my hairy man paps before going out softens irritation until eventually they're tough enough go out smear-less. I just keep forgetting to put it on. Dummy, must try harder this week :)

Niggle number two was weird, part way through on the 10km runs I got pretty bad hip and knee twinges to the extent where I had to slow down to > 6 min/km pace. It was pretty worrying though I kept at it and half click later everything was fine and not had anything similar pop up since. Really do not want that happening again/


This has been pretty good. I've set a goal to hit 1609km (1000 miles) by the end of the R4L program and seem to be doing nicely. Daily commute plus a couple of Arbroath trips give me the distance I need to hit my target. I'm still enjoying this lots and it really appreciate the chance it gives me to listen to podcasts and music again.

Looking to buy some cycling bits and pieces now the weather is getting better, probably some knee length cycling shorts, a few tops and fingerless gloves. The sealskin ones served me pretty well over the winter but are a bit large and clumsy now.


Been going pretty well I guess. My weight is coming down and it's drifting away from the slight belt of midriff fat I'm still carrying. Aiming for the 12 stone mark and then stay there. I think the previous