Triple Balls!


Man alive, another puncture on the way into work. Un-believable. I decided to do a bit of extra-curricular non commuting cycling to the Kingsway and back early on this morning and I'm pretty sure I picked it up then.

The Kingsway is a pretty busy dual carriageway but the traffic was really light given how early it was. Even so I got beeped by someone for basically riding on the road. There's a fairly wide path so on the return part of the ride I thought I'd try that.

Pardon my french, but it was as bumpy as fuck. Now my pedal is squeaking quite a bit and I've another puncture. GnnnnnGGG.

This time I was a bit more prepared and after attending to the important things (posting on Facebook) I dug in. It was a bit weird as it isn't anything I've had to so since I was around 15 but it all worked out. It's still really quite cold up here this time of day so the worse thing was painfully cold hands.

What was nice is two people stopped to ask if I was okay and wondered if there was anything they could do to help. That's cool and warmed the heart making up for the freezing fingers. Nearly.

Despite all of this palaver cycling is still the gift that keeps on giving. It's great to be doing something new and getting the thrill of rapid and noticeable improvement. I've set myself a goal on Runkeeper to try and do 500km in March, let's see how it goes And yesterday I moved up to 6th position Strava Up Grange Road leader board. Cya later Garry Johnstone! :D


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