Week's Running

Good this week all in all; 3 runs and all really enjoyable. A bit of cold hanging around from last week and some trepidation before Monday's run but then Daft Punk came on and all worries melted away. In the 30 minutes I managed just over 6 kilometres with an average pace of 5:45 per km. That's okay for intervals and the 10km on Sunday helped me get through without being utterly knackered and or losing decent form.

Another steady run and Wednesday's 40 minutes went well. 5:24 minutes per kilometre on the main run and the last kilo came in at 5:21.

Friday's tempo run left me pretty happy. I managed to do both of the two ten minute segments at around 4:50 minutes per kilometre pace. V happy considering how miserable the weather was. Didn't feel too knackered after either. Completely possible to hit the 4 minute 50 seconds per km pace for 5km at least. Still wouldn't be as fast as I was at peak but it's a goal that seems reachable right now and an important step to a sub 23 minute 5km. Keep on truckin'!

All in all good though. I think that Sunday's run will see the second week of running course complete pretty easily closing in on 30km in total with okay times. Only 6 more weeks to go. I think I should do it. The last try saw me hit the buffers after 4 weeks. Let's hope I can do better this time.


Monday's run is interesting Will track how my intervals shape up. Here's a goal, get every 3 minute sprint under 5 minutes per km. First try and 2 out of 6 qualified. I need 6 out of 6 :)

Just back from a great run to Carnoustie and back, Sunday's 40 minute steady. Wore my zero milimeter drop barefooters so my calves ache now. Still in the middle of session just over an hour managed to put in a just under 54 minute 10k. That's great, 4 minutes faster than last week and a good pace for a steady run. Happy with progress :)

Misc Health

  • Cold at the start of the week, all gone now
  • Fasted twice and quite enjoyed the sharpness of mind I seem to get. Is it placebic? Hard to tell. The feeling is reel though
  • Have eaten pretty well all in all with a few days feeling absolutely amazing
  • Seem to be coming off a weight stall.
  • Around 180lbs - would like 177lbs for next week