Sometimes it's good to be confused


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Really enjoyed a This American Life podcast from a few weeks ago:

Really interesting about local civic democratic power in the states, it's susceptibility to coercion by the highly motivated and what can you do when taxes won't pay for needed services delivered in a way sympathetic to your community's culture.

It's interesting in the context of a push towards decentralization of power in the UK. It's not that we shouldn't do that but as well as running towards emotively loaded benefits (MOAR FREEDOM!) it's all to easy to ignore a whole set of other issues localized democracy tends to have.

Hard to draw any conclusions from this particular set of events and I like that. It's a great example of TAL at it's best; thoughtful insights into complex situations without clumsily pushing the listener through an ill-fitting story arc.

If you're left you going "eh?", that's not always a bad thing. Sometimes confusion is a far more appropriate response than certainty to everyday life.