Saw Tooth

My mum came to visit and I've fallen off the health wagon a bit. No exercise for a 3 days, quite a lot of eating and a concomitant weight gain, back into the 13 stone mark. Back on it today though. I've adjusted my running plan to reflect the missing days and put the end date a week later. I'll do a couple of slow, extra runs in the meantime. Ooof.

Have I learnt anything? Well....

  • It's not just my mum visiting, I could feel I was kind of nearing burnout
  • The exercise load has been pretty heavy with running, cycling and strength training
  • But I feel pretty refreshed right now
  • That there's a pattern to the amount of energy I have and the effort I can apply
  • And the trick is to not lose heart but get back into it and improve over time
    • Bring the frequency pauses in plan
    • Decrease the pause duration
  • And that may be happening already, I've had a pretty good run of hard(ish) core exercise and diet
  • With 4 days off
  • And full of vigour to get back into it today :)

At these kind of junctures in the past I've stopped paying attention to my diet and exercise. So this week is kind of a big deal, I need to show I can stop for a few days but get back on the horse in full force and effect for at least a couple of weeks. So some actions for today:

  • Go to the gym (Workout A)
  • Fast
  • Ride

Run tomorrow. Long slow with zero expectations of pace or achievement