Yesterday I went out for a run, it was really nice, down by the Tay. Bright brisk day, bracing but ultimately exhilarating. I'd not done that for a while and it felt strangely familiar. Struck me that was where I'd run my first probably about a year ago.

So I checked Runkeeper and yeah, today is the one year anniversary of my first run. Ever.

It's weird looking back as right now I don't feel too great about my form having laid off running in favor of cycling the last few months. But even so I've just knocked out a 26.5m celebratory 5km. My first run was 33m and and for a paltry 3.7km :) Look at it here:


The idea of running 5km under 30m a year ago would have just been science fiction. But since then I've run 921km, a duration of 86 hours in total! That's two working weeks. Crikey. Personal highlight is getting just over 50 minute 10km at the very hilly Bupa Edinburgh Run.


I've been remarkably lucky not to have picked up any injuries beyond tight calves and the odd bit of cramp from time to time. Atypically for me I actually planned a bit before starting and got some decent kit. I'm convinced going the minimalist trainer route has helped me avoid the usual damage new runners are prone to do to themselves.

It's not all been a bed of roses, I've really enjoyed cycling lately and that's seen my running trail off quite a bit. But overall I'm doing more cardio than ever and it's the running that's started that and something I'm very thankful for.


yellow: walking green: running reddish: cycling

So have I learned anything? Hell yeah, bullet list a go-go

  • Starting is the hardest thing That kind of applies to all aspects of running, well for me anyway. Beginning at all was completely daunting. Even once that hurdle is clambered over it's a repeating pattern that rears it head every time before I go out. If you push yourself it's kind of hard work and the it's that memory that can come to the fore when you're trying to psych yourself up to go out. But!
  • Running, it's awesome! And it is! Post every run I've been completely exhilarated, often in complete proportion to the reluctance to get going in the first place. Rained on, snowed on, frozen by bitter wind? Those things? For me they're THE THINGS that slap a great big grin on my face.
  • You can do it! Probably. I mean you need legs and a fitness level that means you can use them but the barrier to entry is far lower than I ever suspected. Couch To Five K (C25K) is the way I got in, easy to start with but coaxes you along a path that'll get your running 5km straight within 6 weeks. Very simple, brilliantly structured.
  • The Stuff You've Decided You Don't Like? You might actually like. You might actually love it. The only standpoint with any credibility is one that speaks from experience. I mean I spent years slagging off Avocados without trying them. I have no idea why but this up-swell in physical activity over the last year has me scoffing them down like there's no tomorrow. And just over a year ago the idea of running was utterly repellent. Turned out it's now an important part of my life. This last point is a bit muddled. Just eat more avocados I suppose.

Have I done as well as I'd liked? No, I really wanted a sub 50m 10km and 22 something 5km. After some time off I'm quite a way away from hitting those goals but that's still possible, yeah? This morning's run, realizing I'm at an anniversary and writing this has given me a bit of spur. Maybe sometime this year :)]]></content:encoded>