Running / Exercise

This week I’ve taken a step forward on my exercise and set some some goals.


I really think I’m starting to understand and appreciate the counterintuitive benefits of running slower to go faster. Yesterday marked the end of week 2 of the RK training programme and was scheduled for a 40 minute slow run. Managed to come back with a 10k after a lovely gentle trot down by the Tay on a particularly pleasant Sunday evening.

The usual Tayside wind wasn’t helpful but it was a great, relaxed run especially the last 3k where my form seemed to really click into place. I think that’s what’s helping me most; not just trying to run as quickly it’s possible to concentrate on form and running as efficiently as possible.

It seems to be working, my speed is starting to go up while effort -seems- to be decreasing. A few weeks back, on a return to running, trying hard delivered a 5:44 min/km pace for a 6k. This run was markedly less effort but gave me a 5:32 min/km with 10k taking around 55m. This is pretty heartening. My goal is < 50m for a 10k. Right now that’s just over 10% increase in pace and it seems completely possible.

The only slight niggle I have is my heart rate. I felt a lot more relaxed than previously but my average heart rate of the 10km was 173 bpm, broadly similar to that of my first run. It’s pretty high as this is supposed to be a 70% HRM run. Not sure what to do about this to be honest. I should probably be around 140 to 150 bpm

Even so I’m pretty happy right now. The run was on top of a relatively intense 45km ride which delivered a PR time between Monifieth to Arbroath. I mean that’s a lot of exercise in one day for me. When I’ve done that kind of pushing before it’s usually left me shattered the next day but I’m writing this now feeling exceptionally chipper devoid of the slight leg / hip / knee aches usually accompanying recovery after a day like that. All very encouraging. Excited to see where I can get to by the end of this programme :)


I set myself a 600km a month goal at the start of April and have now hit 700km yesterday. Quite surprised by this and it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve just commuted every day with a couple of longer rides on the weekend to Arbroath and back and an odd mid week Arbroath trick thrown in for good luck. Not a lot more to say about that apart from it’s been a blast. Might push for 800km in May.


Spent a little time setting some exercise / health goals last week and set a few that come in around the same time as the training programme I’m on, the 2nd of June. I’ve retrospectively set the start date on the running and riding ones to start from Apr 11th when I started running again.So they are:

I need to set a strength training goal as well. Likely going to have another crack at the 100 push ups a day challenge. I got to around 35 consecutive push ups last time I tried. A quick check a few days ago showed I can only do a few over ten right now. I will sort that out :D