Running (again)


Good run today down by the front of the Tay. Bright but markedly cold and windy. That's Scotland for you :) My goals were to try and experiment form over a long slow run. I've been watching running videos and this one got me off my arse:

It's hard running differently and being a bit out of my comfort zone while contending with shit load of blustery Dundonean wind was pretty frustrating for a while. Lots of trying to maintain a straight back while leaning into my stride form the ankle and it wasn't gelling.

Luckily something clicked on the final kilometer and ended up in a pleasent groove without going slower.

It's hard to explain but I was moving into a shuffle and then concentrating on getting my feet back off the ground quickly. It felt great and managed the last k at 5:12m/km pace, the second fastest split. Interestingly my heart rate went down a bit too.

Current plan is one run a week like this, don't strive for pace but experiment with different form styles and see what I can learn. I'll try this technique some more and see if this was a one off fluke or actually something that will help me improve.

Next up, a crack at a faster 5km on Thursday.

It's great to be back running again :) Hope I can keep up the momentum.