Ruby Rogues Podcast

I really like this podcast. Originally I started listening because I'd done a bit of rails and really enjoyed noodling in Ruby for fun. I'm a bit phasey (to say the least) and I'm messing about with other areas of programming now but I've kept with Ruby Rogues as it's always interesting and it's a great set of discussions from an interesting panel often about topics that range wider than just Ruby.

Today's was one of them and I can highly recommend Ep 102 Rhetoric with Joseph Wilk. It's great discussion that picks apart how rhetoric is a powerful tool that can be used for good or bad and in particular how persuasiveness and correctness are uncoupled.

Sounds a bit dry but it isn't. It also starts with this great quote:

Arguing with an engineer is like wrestling with a pig in mud, after a while you start to realise the pig is enjoying it.

I also love the point made that it's hard to understand a programming language until you gave the vocabulary to read it out loud in your head. Someone said they had problem with lisp and the back tick symbol which you say out load as prime. Until he had that the code was far less readable for them.

And also it threw up this game. I'd never heard of Guy Steele before and it's been pointed out that makes me kind of ignorant. Oh well. Brilliant talk though and very thought provoking. You need to get to around 10 minutes before you get a FIght Club type experience :)

The podcast is here: