Recovery Run

Well that was interesting.

This was my first run where the goal wasn't primarily pace or time but heart rate zone.

It was just a 5km but the day after a harder 10km and intended as a Zone 2 recovery run. The Garmin 620 I've got let me set this as a goal and it was a bit of surprise. I wasn't able to keep within the Garmin's definition of Zone 2 and the watch just moaned at me all the way through. Every time it kicked off I slowed down some more and ended up going at around 7km/m

And that felt a bit weird but after a while I kind of got into it and enjoyed the run. Not stressful in the slightest and a nice chance to take in the Tay's beauty and enjoy the News Quiz podcast.

Strava was less critical and given my best guess at RHR and HRM said I'd been Zone Two all the way through.

So all in all I dunno. A recovery run is supposed to help you acclimatise to upping run distance without stressing out your body and the benefits only apparent over a longish period. So I'll keep at it for a while, I mean it's fun, despite lowering my average pace on Strava :D

Still, around 30km this week. A big step up and something I hope I can carry forward. Tempo 10km at lunch in what looks like some horrible wind.