PS Vita Time

Yeah! I'm pretty excited about this, managed to snag the works Vita for a bit. Very much looking forward to the fantastic looking TXK from Llamasoft but that's a little way off. More immediately there's the fantastic looking Tearaway from Media Molecule.

It looks great, a lovely unique graphical style with some great gameplay trwists. There's a lot of games that fall into that bucket so why is this grabbing my attention? Mostly because of Alex Evan's involvement, one of Media Molecule's founders. He's one of those people who are an amazing collision of creativity and technical skill who initially made a bit of splash on the demoscene. And what I love about the look and feel of Tearaway harks back to those times, you can see similarities with one of his earliest works, the fantastic 64k demo paper:

Lot's of similar themes there and great that this is a furrow he's still ploughing. I have the Vita, now to get the game :)