Ongoing Running Ramble

I felt pretty good today so with the aim of hitting my 30km a week running goal I did 11km this morning.


It's extra to the Runkeeper Programme I'm currently following but I thought that if I took it slow and used the time to concentrate on form rather than speed it could be fun and useful.

And it was. Felt very comfortable throughout, slowed on the slightest sign of weariness and managed to extended out to 11km. Average pace of 5:51k min/km despite it being hampered by the gale like winds on the way out. A bit easier on the way back though :)

As is starting to happen on the the last couple of k and my form really clicked. Effort went down, speed up and felt really exhilarated. Some negative splits confirm that's the case, 5:35 and 5:39 pace for the last two from 5:49, 5:51 for the two previous to that.

In The Art Of Running Faster Julian Goater said when coaching people he'd often place his hand in the small of the runner's back and push from there. He said you need to imagine that you're getting propelled from there as it helps you get your body position right: shoulders open, body upright. If you've form like that it helps you get air more efficiently into your lungs and run more efficiently. I felt like I got that a bit today :)

I'm definitely at a point where the balance between my riding commitments and running now seem manageable as well.

Only downside today was sore nipples. They need to toughen up again :)

Coming Up

  • Long run from the RK plan tomorrow
  • Fartleks on Saturday
  • Completion of Week 3