My Legs, They're Giving Me Evils

Man my legs are calling me an idiot. What was good was I went for a run on Saturday. Not a long one, just 5km on a local course up and down some of the not so gentle hills of Monifieth and came in around 27m. Which isn't all that terrible given the lack of running so far this year but kind of disappointing how much your form will just ebb away if you don't tend to it by keeping a hand in. Or a foot in. Or whatever.

It was hard though and left me a little wheezy though definitely exhilarated. That exhilaration is what I blame for the decision to celebrate with a 45km bike ride to Arbroath and back. And it was ludicrously windy, an hour and 11m to get there, around 20m slower than my normal pace. It cuts both ways and wind propelled return journey was stupidly fast. I even got a NUMBER ONE SPOT in a pretty hefty Strava Leaderboard.

Is that fair? No :D But I like it. Today not so much, my legs are very achey. There's a still a touch of sting from last week's accident to top it off nicely. Cycling in today was pretty hard, lots of snow and leaden limbs. But again, once in I was pretty exhilarated. Just hope that doesn't spur me on to more stupidery :)

But yeah, the takeaway is really I need to run more. I'm currently trying to do 500km cycling this month and balancing that with more running is tricky but ultimately worth it. I get a buzz from running that's quite amazing, it's good for me and I'd like to keep the form I worked hard to gain last year. Thinking of trying the David Lloyd Running Club that meets up on Tues / Wednesdays.


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