Is This Me?

I google imaged searched for MAMIL (Middle aged man in Lycra) and got this. Yeah it's not really pertinent but it's confusing and made me laugh

Wow! Encoutntered my first cycling bellend today. Nice ride from Monifieth to Arbroath and I'm pootling along and suddenly there's a bit of shouting from behind me. Look round and there's some (even) old (er) dude behind me on a fat old mountain bike shouting:

“You're nay beat me on this track!”

So I get out of the way and spend the next mile or so mostly freewheeling. He keeps looking back and can see this. I'm not bothered about passing him but he gets over, looking well out of breath, and agitatedly starts waving me past. So I go past and now he's shouting:

“Getting the benefit of the slip stream then!”

This guy looks like a rugby player and is probably well fitter than me, he had legs like tree trunks, but I'm lighter and riding a bike that in comparison to his tank is barely there. And I wasn't even trying to race him.

I remember when I did the Edinburgh 10km and someone told me to look out for people in the same age bracket as me, they're mostly overly competitive twats and looking in the mirror that's a fairish description of my worse behaviour. But today I got a taste of how annoying that can be when you're on the receiving end. Ooooof!