I Think I'm Back

I Think I'm Back

Phew! I feel like I've returned to form after a week of not being all quite there,


Last week was a wash health wise. Monday was bank holiday and I ended up taking Thursday and Friday off. Really they should have been sick days, I just felt listless and energy depleted with some slight sniffles. I did an absolutely horrendous and grinding 10km
at what I thought was an easy pace, it wasn't. Slow and knackering.

That all said if being sick now means still running > 25km a week I'm certainly not complaining.

usual route

Today I feel back on point. Just returned from another long, slow 10km and a bit out of puff but generally feeling tip top. Added bonus is despite not pushing I got the 10km done just under 56 minutes. For the the training plan I'm on the end goal < 55 min 10km and < 25 min 5km so I'm nearly there on the first one with trying all that hard. Bonus :D

Might do a cheeky 5km tomorrow morning and then it's intervals on Wednesday.