Huffing and also Puffing


After last weeks genteel re-immersion into via week 1 of Runkeeper's R4FL 8 week plan things stepped up a bit this morning with week 2. This morning brought intervals, 3 minutes fast as you can then 3 minutes steady, 5 times. It was pretty good and I enjoyed it though what wasn't quite as enjoyable was how easy it made comparing my current pace to where I was last year.

Basically I used to be a lot faster. Today's fastest 3 minute segment was at 4:44 m/km pace while last September I run an entie 5km at something similar. It's even worse I guess as during that run my best km was completed in 4:16. Ooof.

A long way to go just to get back where I was. And my goal? It's 5km at an average pace of 4:30. Seems made as I type this now but I will get there.

Probably :)

Heart Rate

Only minor niggle is there's some issue with the heart rate monitor I'm using. It's a wahoo one and seems to work fine hooked when I test with the Wahoo iPhone utility. It's been a lot less successful recording and uploading heart rate info to Runkeeper. First trip out worked fine, second it just recorded a flat line of 105 bpm for the entire run and since then? Nothing.

I'd really like to have a look at my heart rate info as it's pretty core to the plan. I'm currently pacing by judging general breathlessness and effort levels but really HRM info would help a lot. My garmin watch came with one so I'll give that a try on Wednesday :)


In other news cycling this weekend went well. An amazing 45 mins to get to Arbroath, my record so far. That said the wind helped a lot and kind of explains the more slothful 1hr 6m return trip :)

8 days left in the month, 83km to hit my goal of 600km for April and last week I rode 246km. Should be able to hit this pretty comfortably even if the running is taking a ramp up.