How Do You Learn?


Apparently there are a bunch of different [learning styles][learningstyles] and as far as I understand the big divergence is between understanding before trying and understanding by trying.

I'm definitely the latter and the important experiential lesson I learnt today is really, you should be wearing a cycling helmet.

The tarmac taught me that in my first big cycling tumble. I also learnt I'm more of a danger to myself than any of the traffic out there. An ill informed, acute angle but high speed bumping up a curb sent me side skidding down the road. Got some arm and leg scrapes and this too:


Right in front of a big queue of traffic too.

Oooof. On with the helmet from tomorrow. And a bit less of pretending to be a [BMX Bandit][bmxbandits].

At least I'm learning :)


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