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Pretty happy with that, just wrote a shader to make scram run in 2D and look a bit super hexagon-ish. What's nice is the transform to that view is pretty much what I had in my mind when I started messing around with this. My maths is coming on. I know the shader that does this really remedial but I typed it in and it worked first time, something I am not used to :D


Lol shaders:

vec4 sexyhexy(vec4 _v)
    vec3 final = vec3( sin(_v.x ), 0.0, cos(_v.x ));
    final = (final * (_v.y / 5.0)) ;
    return vec4(final, 1.0);

Some guy called GoatFoam sent me the source for his home project that he'd written on Linux. It's a remake of Archepelagos and looks pretty nice.


I had to do some fiddling to get it working but it did pretty quickly. He used GLFW to wrap it and maybe that's something I should think about. I could get a linux version pretty quickly and maybe windows too.

Nice that he trusted me enough to send it though.