Hello Perth!


So every part of this story sounds like I've had a shit time today but nothing could be further from the truth :D Decided to ride to Perth today, it's nearly 50km and the longest ride I've done so far in one leg. Unfortunately I'm an idiot that didn't check the weather forecast or look at the climb involved so the blisteringly cold stormy gale and 20% gradient climb near the was a bit of a surprise. Around 500m ascent in total. It's a lot for me :)

I've been plenty cold before, stuck in a summer jacket at a train station on the outskirts of Toronto in January and brushes with similar sub zero temperatures in Chicago, Alaska and Iceland. The double whammy of flight cycling gear and severe wind chill beat all of those. Utterly horrid. Didn't fancy another 50km of that and took the train for a return journey.

But even so. I loved it. Really really loved it despite a flair up of the recurring iliotibiabl band syndrome that's been hanging around like bad smell recently.