Guaranteed No Programming Content At All


Listen to this! Consequences of Technology With Ben Hammersley

Ha! The chances of anyone clinking on a link I'm recommending for a podcast called Ruby Rogues is near zero.

Even so, despite being a Nerd Podcast ostensibly about the programming language Ruby this great.

Some great insight from Ben Hammersley (he invented the term PODCAST dontcha know) about a wealth of things 5that have been buzzing around my head of late. Mainly:

  • Balance of power between governmental power structures / corporations / people
    • And how that's all looking likely to change
  • Shift of commercial focus to emerging markets from, well, us
    • Uhoh! Westernized consumer rage on the rise when corporations see their mass market as Chinese 30 year old women
    • Analogue made to white male nerd gamersgate rage happening right now

Yeah, this is pretty great all in all.