Grumpy Gus

Mum flew back south today and driving to the airport meant missing out on a morning run. So I have go out at lunch time and that's kind of left me in a foul mood.

Anyway back now and can I call that a good run? I'm not sure. Let's get the excuses in :)

  • It wasn't meant to be my fastest, just a 20min tempo run post a 5min warm up
  • And it was midday, I hate running at midday
  • Did I mention it was slightly hilly too?
  • And I had to fiddle around with my iPhone, the podcast wasn't playing right!

There we go. The main 20min tempo segment ended up being at 5:14 min/km pace. Which isn't terrible. And the last 2.5km got progressively quicker.

Actually that's not a bad run :D

And of course after this morning's pretty filthy moodI'm feeling all ace again. Looking forward to the long slow 10km on Thursday.