I tried a bit harder on this run but didn't get much out of it except being a bit knackered. There's a lot of people around me suffering from colds and what not to right now so it may be down to a mild dose of that. Or I'm shit. One of the two. And it's a bit windy out. Even so, pushed hard-ish and ended up with 5:08 m/km but I wanted better.

Sometimes it's like that though, you give it the extra effort to end up with not a in the way of extra performance. And it cut both ways, out of nowhere you'll get a cracking time. It's a law of averages in some ways; just keep at it and your times will improve and every now and again a PB will pop out of nowhere.

Positives are a fairly consistent pace with the worse K (the one where I had to turn around and start running back) 5 minutes 18 seconds long. To be fair that's something I'd have been very happy with a month ago.

All that aside, and despite the wind, it's pretty nice out. Spring is most definitely almost sprung and pretty soon it's going to be back one layer running clothes :)

10km tomorrow, likely a run home. Nothing fast.