Fun Stuff


That was an early morning start with a pleasant surprise :) I'm slowly easing back into regular running and the current plan is to try every other day with a minimum of 30 minutes a session. The order of the day is to pace sensibly, slowly re-build my skills and avoid any injury like the plague.

So today [I kept to the plan][newrun] but counter to expectations my pace wasn't an utter disgrace. 5:16 minutes per km. That's not too bad for me and a good base to build from.

Felt pretty good after finishing. It's half a minute faster than [last weeks first run back][b2r] but unlike then my legs aren't completely fucked. Honestly I was hobbling about like an octegenarian for a couple of days after that :D But today was good, so good I rode in instead of going with original plan to bus to work. Ace!

And best of all? It was a lovely day again; sun was just up, crisp but cold and the Tay looked magnificent. Next run Thursday. There's snow forecast but that don't scare me :)