Fuck Sennheiser Part 2

In a previous episode I got the rat's arse with Sennheiser's stupid headphones. Since then, after some clumsy stumbling about during the Great Dundee Powercut of 2013 they're well and truly broken now. So I've fallen back to another pair of expensive sports Sennheisser's I bought a while ago, found unsatisfying and had left in a draw. After a bit of fiddling I found jamming them into my ear canal and then twisting 90 degrees kind of made them stick.

Until today during interval runs of 3 minutes fast and 3 minutes recovery. Trying to leg it fast made the right one fall out so I'm erratically running in short frequency sine waves down the front of the Tay trying to jam in the errant ear bud with a heavy pair of gloves on. I managed it a few times only for it to fall out again and again Eventually out it popped with the rubber bud completely missing.

I'm willing to put my hands up to having mutant shaped ear interiors but this just isn't right. Worse of all despite the casing turning out to be shit for sports they're by far the best sound quality of any of the various headphones I've tried. I wouldn't be ranting away like this if it wasn't for the inevitable upcoming purchase of yet another pair of their shitty "sports" headphones.

In other news the run was pretty good. Yeah it's intervals but even with the warm up, numerous 3 minute steady sections and the above headphone issues I managed an average of 5:19 min/kn. That's great, feeling confident about being able to get a sub 25m 5km again soon :) And I'm feeling a lot better than yesterday. Looking forward to tomorrow's 10km.