First World Headphone Problems

fig(i) Imagine this bloke but older, on a bike, with slightly different headphones, a fierce scowl on his face mashing the headphone remote while weavinhg around in dundee traffic leaving a big trail of swears in his wake. Yeah that's me this morning.

Gah! Utterly fucked off with my [Sennheiser headphones]( Can you help?

Fair warning though, if you don't fancy listening to a middle aged man rant about not being able to hear NERD PODCASTS while cycling then skip to the end


These stopped working today and instead of piping nerdy podcasts into my head started sending random commands down to my iPod. Cycling in the pissing rain and the track is flipping on and off, comically ramping up to double speed coupled Siri sticking its oar in to see if I want something.

Not sure what's caused it but what is v annoying is it's the 2nd time I've had the same model spontaneously break. First time I chalked it down to big handed clumsiness but twice in row? I'm not so sure it's me. They haven't seen heavy wear, just neck draped while running or cycling though the weather's been a bit rough of late.

Now anyone who knows me will also know ill-tempered ranting is a bit out of character. Usually I'm an annoying pollyanna-ish to the point of near inappropriate optimism. But it's nigh on impossible to explain how now I'm running and riding so much how much of a massive shit this would take on my quality of life.

Yet More FML

"Lol, just buy some other less breaky headphones gaz!" Well yeah but it's tricky, I find them hard to come by. Much to my shame I have very odd shaped ear interiors. In bud headphones, they just fall out of my lugs, laughing, at the slightest nudge. I've tried all different size ear buds but the net effect is the same; a few minutes of listening and then PLOP, headphones on the floor and I'm tourettsing.

Of all the headphones I've tried these are the only ones that work for me. When they do work that is.

And speaking of disabilities, I can't even give them the finger.

fig(ii) Fell of the bike a little while ago and now the little finger refuses to cooperate in anything apart from a fucked up version of throwing the heavy metal horns.

So not sure what to do, I love the sound and fit of these headphones but feeling queasy at stomaching the near on £50 to get another pair only to have them break again. In ear just don't work for me. I had some (Sennheiser again) full ear ones which again had excellent sound but stopped working after a few months of bad weather running. I feel less inclined to rant about that, they're DJ phones designed for night clubs as opposed to weather whipped Tayside runs. Even so.

So should I return them? If it is a design flaw then that sounds like a good idea. There's a two year warranty BUT they also require you have a receipt or a delivery note or some proof of purchase to prove they're in the warranty period. Where did I get them from? Duty Free in Edinburgh Airport. And again current experience suggests they'll just break again.

Help Me Plz

In short, Sennheiser have me by the balls and I'm going to buy a new pair unless someone can suggest another make of similar-ish, wrap around headphones with an iPod remote, excellent bass response and that won't break after the slightest of wear and tear.