Exercise for Wk Starting 2/12/13

I'm giving myself a silver medal. Good week all in all. Had a great time running, some nice cycling and back to the gym again.


Not a bad week. Felt pretty good and did a surplus 10km run on top of the every other day outings I'm currently working on.

Had some good runs this week. My pace is starting to creep up and had some good fun with a couple of fast / tempo runs. And back to some hillier courses too. Last Tuesday's tempo run was a lot of fun in particular:

I just had a blast :) 5 minutes warm up / warm down either end and a temp run in the middle of 20 minutes. Really good, managed 5:06km/m for the main drag. A shade off of the sub five I was really after but it's all going the right way. Feel much better now after a day of sloth on Sunday

I'm having to juggle when I'm running a litte right now, the morning darkness makes it harder to juggle longer runs with needing to get the car back in time for Suzie to take Charlie to school. So I've varied my shcedule a bit and run in the evenings and afternoons as well.

The weather hasn't been all that helpful. Thursday saw Dundee battered by some ridiculous storms, violent to the point where I opted for the bus rather than cycle in. I put off a morning run and went out at lunch time instead. It was fun but:

Just returned from an absolutely ludicrous lunchtime 10km with a 5 minute warm up that wasn't even slightly warm. Horrendous wind against me running up Riverside Drive towards the tech park. I didn't have my jacket and it was nippy as fuck. Running back at least the wind was with me but got kind of enveloped in snow storm half way back to office. Ridiculously cold after, understandably a shit time but I'm glad I did it and feel really pumped now :) Legs aching a bit, hope I'm okay for the gym tomorrow morning :)

I wasn't okay for the gym :D

The week ended well though with an extra curricular 10km outside of the trainig plan I'm on bringing me up to just over 30km in total. Feel good and strong and that my form is coming back nicely.


Yes! A return to the gym! I want to increase core strength a bit and build my legs. It's all stuff to support my running really. This is the plan:

  • Start slowly
  • Limit to 45 minutes per session with 3 sessions per week
  • Concentrate on full body exercises
  • With an aim to gaining some strength that'll support my running

It was fun: squats, bench and hyper extensions. I kept the load low and thought I'd been pretty sensible. Unfortunately my body disagreed and the rest of the week I had pretty bad DOMs in my legs. They're gone now, I kept away from the gym but will go back next week. If I keep on it'll all be good.