Exciting Day :)


An exciting day today despite not a lot happening. But first steps? They're important and long remembered. Since finishing Crackdown 2 we've worked on a lot of projects. You know the commandos that rapel into the evil genius's lair at the end of the Bond movie? We've done a lot of that the last few years. It's great steady work that's exposed us to a lot of genres, codebases and all good for generally beefing up our ace developer musclature. Bascilly we're well Ahhnold.

That said the reason we're in games is to, well make games. We're not just engineers and resources but entertainment makes with creative verve and drive. The help out work isn't a great way for us to express those skills.

So a couple of things have changed. We've an unnanounced project that we're super excited about and we've been given end to end creative leeway. And we're a bit of a science experiment project too where our publishing partner is focussing on prototyping and refining. At first I thought it was really enlighted but actually it's just giving a proper amount of time and budget to pre-production. You know, like everyone says they do but never actually does? :) It's really refreshing to be honest.

And the other thing, which I started out talking about and am rambling back to, is Tribal Towers. It's our own thing that we've made from nothing and it's a lot of fun. Today sees the first builds released outside of the company offices to a small pool of good friends. It's an exciting time. And an odd experience for us. Games have changed so much, for the sort of thing we're doing it's no longer years of building leading to a big relese on a single day. The internet means these things happen over time and the people we're hoping will play our games also get to be a part of shaping how those games evolve. That's exciting. And terrifying. But mostly exciting :)

I'll stop now, Billy's said this all far more eloquently in the blog over here.


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