Double Balls

Double Balls


Another flat tire on my bike? Yep, and this one exactly half way between home and the office. That's the third in the last two months. I have some tire levels, a spare inner tube and a pump. Well I do have now after a lunchtime visit to Spokes but last night? No dice.

What I have is an entirely excellent wife who drove out and picked me up pronto presto. Phew, I married well.

What was amazing is I accidentally pressed the FaceTime button when I called her up and it all worked nicely over 3g and everything. I know this isn't particularly amaze for the children of the latter parts of the 20th century but I find it amazing I can be video-conferencing with the mrs from the gloomy banks of the Tay. What else did I do? Post it on Facebook. Obv :)


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