Did I Earn Notch $2.5bn?

Probably not. But here's an email from 4 years back to Toby, a chum and biz dev contact at Microsoft:


Which he cc's onto Rog, who is now Microsoft's EP for... Minecraft. Blimey.

To be fair it was a pretty obvious thing to suggest, MS were likely already looking at it and even if they weren't they certainly would have been soon. And yes, Minecraft was always going to be hugely massive irregardless of my 2010 frothing about how awesome it was.

Even so that's no barrier to writing a blog post with a stupidly provocative title and I've decided to take this as a personal claim to fame. If only we'd ended up doing the conversions, eh? I'd be writing this from a zero G Space House while quaffing larks livers served on a brass platypus beak.

Or whatever the fuck it is rich people do :D