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I've been keeping a journal for a little while now, mostly inspired by the excellent piece of mac Journalling software DayOne. Does it need me frothing about how great this is? I'm not sure it does, the guys that wrote it won a nice big prize from Apple for making such a nice thing and more than likely now bajillionaires. I hate them. sob I actually love them. Oh well.

But why is that interesting? Well it's show me how shallow I am. Just because the app is so pleasant to use I've actually been writing quite a bit. It's amazing how that shim of slickness just makes me want to go through the process of writing something down. Style and form are as important as substance and utility, in fact they're the escalator to it. You can be as feature laden and useful as you want but if the path to getting their is a painful one? No one will bother.

So there we are. DayOne, a lovely and very limited app that by being so low friction has got me writing a lot more than I used to.

And the relevance to this blog? I have some older journal entries I'll start sharing here.


Day One