Cycling Weekend

I've set some goals. This time it's cycle straight a 100km.

Not a biggy and I've allowed myself a few weeks to get there. This weekend was a good step towards that and an excellent cock up brought me with 3km of what I was after :D

I've cycled to Perth one before and quite honestly it was horrible. An idiotic misreading of the weather coupled with a overly light clothing saw me complete the ride colder than I've ever been in my life. Got the train back, it wasn't nice. This weekend was a bit more clement so I thought I'd give it a go.

My cycling does seem to have come on since the last try. A particularly vile hill that I had to walk my bike up last time got ridden and instead of heading directly for the nearest Costa for half an hour of shivering I turned around and headed back home.

What I hadn't got quite right was the distance, I thought it was a ~80km round trip to Perth but it's actually 96.7km :D Man, if I'd know a few spins around the block would have got me to 100 :D It's not a bad ride I guess. It did piss down horribly part way through and I don't have much hill experience so the slowish average of 24km/h isn't bad for a first try at this? 4 hours in total.

What I am happy about is it wasn't physically too bad. On Sunday I managed my quickest Monifieth -> Arborath round trip and it seemed really easy. I remember one half of this trip would be knackering demanding a solid hour in the coffee shop half way through :D

This week I'll continue upping my daily distance taking a longer route home and then give it another go next weekend :D Hopefully the weather will be good and it'd be nice to try the same route. Fingers crossed for something under 4 hours :)

Some lessons learnt:

  • I need to drink on rides of this length : nothing during but sank 1.5 litres of water when I got home
  • Food might be an idea: though I didn't feel hungry. I eat near to zero carbohydrates so the high energy / sugar snacks recommended by most sites don't appeal
  • Moar Podcasts: run out on the way home :)