Back To Running

_No achievments with ths run? That's a tad harsh_

Pretty happy with that. Nothing special terms of time or distance but it's the first time out since August, nearly three months.

There was a fair bit of trepidation, a good wodge of worry a mid run abort was on the cards if my knee trouble flared up but it was all good.

5:21km avg pace on just over 5.5km and a very comfortable run. Pretty happy with the first km at 5:02km/m and the same pace for the last half a k. Very encouraging. I've a few aches n pains now; upper thighs, glutes and upper calves but all standard rusty runner niggles a few more sessions will sort out. Importantly though my keens feel in rude health. Phew!

As an extra brucey bonus it'd be impossible to pick a better day to ease back in. Cold to point of frost but dry, bright and crisp. The Tay-side easy running route really shines on this kind of beautiful autumn day.

My legs could do with a little recovery time so I'll leave it until Tuesday for another go.