Back To Running

Back To Running

I wanted to collect my thoughts on getting back to running; hopefully get some perspective on where I am now and what I should be aiming for.

It's coming up for 2 months now. There's a load of good stuff:

  • 5km pace from 5:53 m/km to 5:12 m/km
  • 10km pace from 6:18 m/km to 5:33 m/km
  • 15km per week to 30km per week
  • Bought a Forerunner 620 running watch, love it
  • 10 km doesn't feel hard
  • Coping well with increased running volume and commute cycling

And not so good stuff to:

  • Scottish weather
    • Don't mind the cold and the rain but the wind is a pain
  • Not enough training variety
    • All 10km last week
    • No tempo runs
    • Not many hills
    • No intervals
  • 5km pace isn't improving as much as I'd hoped
  • Relatively high weight
    • Around 13 st but would be happier at 12.5
    • And quicker too :)

So next up I need to:

  • Define some goals, probably:
    • Sub 5 m/km pace for 5km
    • Sub 5:20 m/km pace for 10km, sub 5 m/km long term
    • A race?
  • Set out a training plan
    • Intervals
    • Heart rate zone training (specificaly greater than 10km LSR)
    • Strength training (3 sessions a week? Squats and rows?)
    • Balance that all with cycling commute

So plenty to do but right now I'm pretty happy, feel I've a good base to build on and it's only going to get easier. And sunnier. And less windy too.