A Faster Five

5:08 m/km and broadly happy with that. A little gutting as a sub 5 m/km is definitely back on the cards and if it hadn't been so horribly windy this might have been the run that delivered it. Kilometer 2 spells out how horrible it was; full of energy but getting onto a stretch of the Tay not shielded by buildings meant slow going.

Also idiotically chose an asymetric route that meant 3km of the run was into the wind and only 2km of it had the wind helping me along. But even so, faster than I've run for a while in extenuating circustances.

I still haven't worked out a proper running plan for the week but I'm writing this early the morning after and feeling v tempted to get out in a bit for another try at a fast five :)

In other news I broke a spoke on my bike. That's okay, this stuff happens, but given it's some fancy schmancy carbon rimmed wheel it'll take a little while to fix. Got to keep an eye on what I'm eating if daily cycling is going to be out for a small while.